Tuesday, February 28, 2006

And now a few words about "Oscar"...

I hate award shows in general, but I have a particular problem with the Academy Awards, more commonly known as the ‘Oscars’. The origin of the nickname is lost in the mists of time. OK…I just didn’t feel like looking it up, but I’m sure it’s a (yawn) fascinating story.

Anyway, my problem with the Oscars is that both Cher and Robin Williams have one. Although, in Cher’s case fate may have let her have it as a way to make up for having been married to Sonny Bono. Don’t get me wrong about Robin Williams, I think he’s a fine standup comedian. It’s just that as an actor…he makes a fine standup comedian.

You see, I’ve always thought that the essence of acting was the ability to convey a wide range of emotions and portray a variety of characters convincingly. The Academy must feel differently, since whenever Williams tries to convey any emotion more profound than mild bemusement, he just looks severely constipated.

Maybe the problem is that my ideas about acting are wrong…maybe Hollywood doesn’t want versatility. Perhaps they want each actor to portray one kind of character well. You know…Joe Pesci as a mobster, Bruce Willis as an action hero, or Jennifer Aniston as the jilted wife, no wait…that was real life.

The point is, if that’s how things really are then maybe Robin Williams does deserve that Oscar. After all, if you need someone to play a character that looks bemused but constipated, then he’s your guy.


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