Friday, February 17, 2006

Hernia Celebrate...

According to a recent news article, 47-year-old pop icon Madonna suffered a hernia while performing a dance routine at the Grammy Awards Show.

You know the Grammy people must be thrilled to have that little fact made public. The entire entertainment industry is youth obsessed but none more so than the music biz. So, you gotta figure that as far as they are concerned, you can stick a fork in "Madge" cause she’s just about done. Here’s you’re AARP card and try not to break a hip as you step out of the spotlight dear.

Then again, maybe she can use this to further her so far less than spectacular acting career, by joining forces with Olivia Newton-John and Stevie Nicks to star in an updated version of THE GOLDEN GIRLS.
Or she could become the spokeswoman for a new line of "sexy seniors" lingerie from Victoria’s Secret.

Anyway, I’m sure she’ll be fine. Time has a way of marching on, but we all know if anyone can make support hose and orthopedic shoes seem sexy, it’s Madonna.

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