Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Olympic fever? I'd rather have the avian flu...

Let me be clear about this…I hate the winter, I don’t enjoy watching winter sports and I have not watched a single minute of the winter Olympics. So, how the hell is it that I know who Bode Miller and " The Flying Tomato" are? Did I pick up this knowledge by osmosis or could it have been the relentless, mind numbing and soul crushing media coverage besieging us from all sides.

Aliens landing on the White House lawn and publicly probing the president and his entire staff wouldn’t justify the media coverage given to this frozen snoozefest

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the grace and skill of figure skating, I just don’t like sports where the "winner" is decided by judges. Scoring the most points, crossing the finish line first…that’s how you know who the winner is.

"But what about skiing?" I hear you ask. "Isn’t the winner the person with the best time? Isn’t that good enough for you "Mr. I don’t like subjective results in my sporting events blogger man?" To which I have a two part reply; part 1: Yes, but the results always seem to involve winning by 8 tenths of a second or some other ridiculously small increment of time. I’m a simple man…I don’t do fractions, start rounding off the numbers and we’ll talk.

Part 2: I’ve got to see someone about these voices in my head.

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