Thursday, January 26, 2006

It's nice work if you can get it...

I started this blog by criticizing reality television and I stand by what I wrote. However, I have come across one show that, though it might technically be called ‘reality TV’ is the proverbial exception to the rule.

If you have seen the television show called MYTHBUSTERS, then you know that it’s hosted by a couple of guys, who with the help of several assistants, get to blow up, shoot, crush and drop all manner of objects. They do this in the name of testing all sorts of urban myths and other dubious tales and they do it with a resourcefulness that makes MacGyver look mentally challenged.

When I watch this show my inner child slips loose from his court ordered straightjacket and runs amok, furthermore, it’s on the Discovery Channel, so you know it’s educational…somehow. Of course, not everything they do is as much fun as blowing up a cement truck or tying a crash test dummy to a life raft and dropping it from a plane, for example, things like getting sprayed by a skunk or testing sea sickness remedies. Well, no job is perfect and anyway I’ve noticed that as the show has gone on, they’re passing more and more of the less pleasant tasks to their young and inexplicably willing assistants.

What I want to know is why when we were growing up did no one tell us that this kind of work would be available? Those damned, useless guidance counselors. They also neglected to tell us that if you get a job reporting the weather on television you could be wrong most of the time and not get fired. Hell, they could’ve at least told us where to go to get the necessary skills to work on a film crew in the adult movie industry. I guess that even though it’s too late now I should try to look on the bright side…maybe I can sue someone.

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