Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Momma Lisa

According to a recent news item, a team of Canadian scientists using special infrared and three-dimensional technology say they have made a remarkable discovery about Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting the Mona Lisa.

It seems that Mona’s dress is covered with a thin, transparent gauze veil, typically worn at that time by women who were either pregnant or had recently given birth. Amazing indeed, but I happen to know that the research team has been less than forth coming about some of the less flattering discoveries they’ve made. It turns out that Mona also had:

A “Born To Raise Hell” tattoo

A third nipple

A slightly phallic shaped birthmark

A mild case of eczema

And possibly some early signs of osteoporosis

Well, there you have it, the Mona Lisa as you’ve never seen her before…and probably never wanted to. Thanks science!


Dan said...

Canadian scientists? I would take this all with a big grain of salt (what's the biggest grain you can find?) ... except for the "Born To Raise Hell" tattoo. That sounds like pure da Vinci to me.

Bernie said...

They should just go ahead and publish photos of the tattoo. The art world could probably accept that discovery now and it would vastly expand the world of art lovers.