Sunday, October 08, 2006

Just wrap your lips around this Mademoiselle...

I must admit that I was flabbergasted to learn recently that many people credit the diminutive, French 19th century painter Toulouse Lautrec with inventing chocolate mousse, though he himself called it “chocolate mayonnaise”.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ll never be able to look at chocolate mousse in the same way, knowing that it was created by the most decadent painter, in the most decadent city, during the most decadent part of the 19th century.

You just know that he was using his “chocolate mayonnaise” to seduce the hookers hanging around the Moulin Rouge into giving him freebies. God only knows what he did with it when he got them over to his place.

It’s just like my great-grandfather Seamus MacFergle used to say, “ Aye, beware the wee perverts bearing creamy deserts”.

*Editor’s note: Here with a brief rebuttal is the president of the Toulouse Lautrec Admiration Society, Pierre La Blangue…

We at the TLAS take great offense at the suggestion that Toulouse Lautrec was using his brilliant culinary creation in unseemly acts with prostitutes or that he was in any way a pervert. In fact, we don’t even believe the author of those remarks even had a Scottish great-grandfather. Not to mention, we hear that he’s a little kinky himself, some have even called him a stone cold freak…but you didn’t hear that from us.”

*Editor’s note: We here at the Drive-by Blogger recognize our obligation to post opposing viewpoints…whenever we are being held at gunpoint.


Dan said...

I agree that bad things happen in my head when the images of Toulouse Lautrec and chocolate mousse appear without enough space between them.

But it could be worse ... imagine Lautrec, chocolate mousse, Mini Me, a couple of ponies, and a trampoline.

Oops ... I forgot to say that you should only try this on an empty stomach.

The Drive-by Blogger said...

"imagine Lautrec, chocolate mousse, Mini Me, a couple of ponies, and a trampoline"

Throw in Gertrude Stein and I've actually had that nightmare.

mist1 said...

I love mayo.

Jenna Howard said...

sorry didn't finish reading...was distracted with images of Lautrec with chocolate mousse. Rrrawr.