Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Blame Game...

Having recently posted something about Madonna’s little adoption adventure, I didn’t expect to be writing about her again so soon. However, I heard something that I just couldn’t let pass with out comment.

It seems that a teary eyed Madonna told the “Mighty and Beloved Oprah” (I think that’s her official title now) that she was surprised by the backlash caused by her recent adoption of a child from the country of Malawi and get this…she blames the MEDIA!

That loud sound you may have heard was the cosmic irony meter exploding. Now, blaming the media is a favorite pastime of television and radio pundits everywhere, but when Madonna (a woman who craves the spotlight the way zombies crave brains) does so, you have to take notice.

So I called her people and they very kindly informed me that the media is also responsible for: Madonna’s failure as an actress…suppressing the knowledge that the kabbalah is the one true faith…the death of vaudeville…black holes…Elton John’s awful hair piece…the Ebola virus…anal warts…obesity in America…global warming and finally…the sinking of the Lusitania.

Appalling, simply appalling…I urge that this “media” be rounded up and tried for crimes against humanity and sentenced to repeated screenings of
Swept Away. That ought to teach them


Dan said...

Don't be silly. It's all George Bush's fault.

Bernie said...

Being a member of, uh, ”the media,” I have to admit that “the media” truly is responsible for most of the items on your list (especially global warming and Elton’s hairpiece). But isn’t your punishment a bit extreme for the crime? Just ONE screening of Swept Away would probably teach them, er I mean us. I’m still in therapy for actually paying to see Who’s That Girl.

Diesel said...

Dammit, dan. You beat me to that one.

You win this one, but watch your back.

The Drive-by Blogger said...

"I’m still in therapy for actually paying to see Who’s That Girl"

I'm not sure there's enough therapy in the world to help with that.