Friday, July 21, 2006

Casanova in lederhosen...

A volume of previously unpublished letters by Albert Einstein is shedding light on the famed physicist’s extra-marital affairs. According to some reports the letters indicate that Einstein had about half a dozen girlfriends. I guess it makes sense, his wild hair, bushy mustache and rumpled clothes... what more could a lady want? Anyway, here’s one of the Teutonic lothario’s love letters to one of his ladies dating from 1931:

Dearest M,
Thank you for the wonderful gifts you sent me, the meerschaum pipe, the ivory mustache comb and of course the imported silk underwear. However, I must ask you to refrain from sending any more nude photographs of yourself or at least send smaller ones. They have accumulated to the degree that I’m having difficulty finding a safe hiding place for them.

The conference will be over in three or four days and we can get together then. I can assure you that "little Albert" has missed you terribly. By the way, my hot little strudel, have you given any thought to that three-way that I mentioned last time we met in Düsseldorf?

Passionately yours,

Einstein, his wife and girlfriends…just imagine that on the Jerry Springer show.


neva said...

guess Albert was endowed with more than a big

when i first read this, i thought it was FROM one of the ladies... asking Einstein to stop sending nude pix of himself. needless to say, i laughed. a lot. that's not to say i didn't laugh a lot when i realized my mistake, and re-read the "letter" for, of course, i did!! brilliant, as usual, TDB! xo

The Drive-by Blogger said...

Thanks neva, I like your idea better. Nude photos of Einstein...funny and scary at the same time!

Jenna Howard said...

It was the "little Albert" that made me giggle incessantly.

But, Neva, did you see that tongue? No wonder he was wildly popular!

Oh lawdy this was entertaining. I'm so glad Neva suggested this blog.

The Drive-by Blogger said...

Thanks jenna,i'm glad you liked it.