Thursday, July 06, 2006

By any other name...

I don’t remember whom it was but someone once said that the term housewife could be replaced with the title of domestic engineer. I think this idea could be used to add a degree of prestige to other kinds of jobs as well. So I’ve taken it upon my self to come up with a few new titles for some old familiar jobs:

Ingress and egress facilitator (doorman)

Mood enhancement technician (bartender)

Vintage vehicle re-circulator (used car salesman)

Genital hygienist (prostitute)

Surplus currency solicitor (beggar)

Feral canine wrangler (dog catcher)

Dinning surface reorganizer (bus boy)

Refuse coordinator (garbage man)

Animal parts distributor (butcher)

Follicle reduction artist (barber)

Tubular meat facsimile dispenser (hot dog vendor)

Now I’ve just got to come up with some names for non-paying jobs…like blogging.


Mike said...

...I think I kind of already thought of a name for bloggers - Freelance Opportunity Seeker - and the great thing is it works for just about any other non-paying line of work, or no work at all. :-)

Jae said...
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Jae said...

I love the names. Have some others I thought of. Upholster luster recalibrator- shoe shiner, Scalp- variationing Engineer-barber, life coach- a hired friend. Wait, that one really is a job!

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