Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The happiest place on earth

I don’t know if you’ve heard about this, but recently there was an incident over at Disney France. A group of employees were videotaped simulating sex acts while in costume. The Disney Company, to say the least, was not happy about this but I think they’re being shortsighted here.

There’s a market that’s not being tapped into, namely “adult” films featuring well-known Disney characters. This could be a gold mine people! Just think about it, the selling power that comes with the instant recognition of the Disney name, combined with the forbidden allure of hardcore pornography.

The possibilities are endless:

Mickey shows that he really is the “biggest” star at Disney when he and Minnie set the screen on fire in “Maestro of the Mouse Hole”.

Donald and Daisy Duck head off for a swinging couples weekend where they show the world just how passionate poultry can be in “Pluck me…pluck me now!

Aladdin is back and this time he won’t just be rubbing his “lamp” in “Camel Humpers of the Casbah”.

The Little Mermaid does her patriotic best to keep up the morale of the US Navy in “All the Young Seamen”.

You read the “The Jungle Book” now feel the “ the jungle love” in “The Bare-assed Necessities”.

After running into each other at Lilith Fair, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White realize that they don’t need any princes at all in the Sapphic adventure story “For Ladies Only”.

Chip ‘n Dale will teach you to love your inner chipmunk…and then whip the hell out of it in the bondage classic “Beat Me Like You Mean It”.

Even Mickey’s pet gets into the action when the ASPCA locks him up and he learns that a bitch isn’t always a female dog in “Pounding Pluto”.

If those don’t convince those prudes running things at Disney these days I don’t know what will.


Jenna Howard said...

Hi-ho, hi-ho...it's a Small World afterall.

Jae said...

Wow. You took it to another level!

Diesel said...

I was one of the Disney employees in question, and I take offense at this post. We were't "simulating" anything.

Say No to Crack said...

If Disney can't starting making some good movies, your ideas might be their only choice! Goofy in a g-string anyone?

Joel said...

"Dumbo Does Dallas" anyone?

Inspired TDB...perverse, but truly inspired.

The Drive-by Blogger said...

Thanks all, sorry about the lack of response, but I havn't been able to get to the computer for a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

I missed this post while I was away. After reading it I can only say one thing. I have the name of a really good pyschiatrist if you're interested.

Haven't seen you in my neck of the woods lately! ;)