Friday, June 30, 2006

The genius of Leonardo...

It would seem that my good friend, the eminent scholar Monty Dingham Smythington, has had a stroke of good luck recently. He tells me that he was hired by Bill Gates to research and translate a notebook of Leonardo da Vinci that Gates purchased for 30 million dollars in 1994. According to Monty it contains a large number of ideas for inventions that once again show how very far ahead of his time Leonardo was. Here are just a few that Monty mentioned in his letter:

An automated lice picking machine.

A steam powered escalator.

The pocket fisherman.


Edible underwear.


The Chia pet.

Nose hair trimmers.

Inflatable love dolls (gender unspecified)

The Mood Ring.

A foolproof “gaydar” machine (which Monty says was better left unfinished, as it probably would have exploded in 15th century Florence).

To be honest with you… I think that either Bill Gates really got ripped off or my old friend has started drinking again.


neva said...

mona lisa's wearing a mood ring, right?

i'm not as worried about monty's drinking as i am about yours.

Anonymous said...

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