Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pardon my rant...

I would like to say something to who ever is responsible for publishing the countless "helpful" medical reports that tell us what is and is not healthy for us…DON’T BOTHER!

Really, I mean what’s the point in trying to keep up with this stuff if every week brings a new report that contradicts some other medical report published three months ago.

Take egg yolks for example, for a while the consumption of egg yolks was considered only slightly less harmful to your health than sucking on the cooling rods from a nuclear power plant…and now they’re O.K.?

And there have been similar reversals regarding coffee and alcohol, but for me the straw that broke the camel’s back (guess he didn’t read the reports about osteoporosis) was this story about the dangers of not getting enough sunlight.

That’s right, the sun…you remember the sun don’t you…that big, bright burning thing in the sky? You weren’t supposed to go outdoors without slathering sunscreen on any part of your body that might be exposed to that malevolent ball of gas for any length of time…even if it was cloudy!

But now they’re tell us that too many people may not be getting enough sunlight! Well, I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of these endless examples of pseudo-scientific waffling. I am going to get a jar of leeches and just hope that they're good for what ever ails me.


Joel said...

SO VERY TRUE! Is it me or do we live in a world where context and perspective have gone totally out the window? No one ever acknowledges the "latest" information that preceeded this "latest" installment. And, no one ever bothers to look at the historical perspective attached to a current event, which ultimately means all mistakes are repeated and the knowledge experience should bring is ignored. Don't get me started...oy vey!

Jae said...

I only go out into the sun at night so I get the good sunlight. Sunlight is sort of like cholesterol. It's not good for you, then it splits and now there is good and bad cholesterol. Night sun light is wonderful for you. It seems our intentions are always proven right after being proven wrong first after time passes. That's why I do bad stuff until it's right. Nothing is wrong, they are only things of which enough studies have not been done!

neva said...

take vitaimin C (please): vitamin C was good, then bad... then great then "not-so-great" then imperative to good health... you get the point. these guys can't make up their minds...they don't know what they know. as for vitamin C? it's good. it helps build a strong immune system. that said, too much... is bad.

and, anyone with any knowledge about nutrition knows the sun helps provide vitamin D. but, we need sunshine for more than that! sunshine is Life, for pete's sake! it's energy! that said... too much sun is bad. period.

bottom line as far as i'm concerned? too much of anything, good or bad is ultimately... bad.

i don't know why it's necessary for scientists to deal in such absolutes, whether they're recommending doses of vitamin C or amounts of sunshine necessary for good health. especially when it's clear the only thing scientists can know for sure is that they can't know anything... for sure!

really interesting fodder for discussion, TDB!