Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hold on to your rabbit's foot...

Although I don’t consider myself a superstitious person, I do come from a long line of superstitious people. I’m thinking in particular of my great- grandmother, a small but sturdy woman from a poor nation of indeterminate location. She was 109 years old when they finally buried her…I’ve heard she put up quite a fight. Anyway, here are some of the more obscure superstitions she brought with her from the old country…

Things that will bring bad luck:

Shaving a yak on the Sabbath.

Proposing marriage at an orgy.

Committing suicide during any month that has the letter R in it.

Placing your grandpa’s ashes is a pickle jar while you polish his urn.

Chopping firewood in an evening gown…especially if you’re not a woman.

Fondling a cheese wheel during a full moon.

Drinking directly from the udder of a cow before you have been formally introduced.

Things that will bring good luck:

Pinching the love handles of an obese fishmonger.

Being sneezed on by a one-armed bongo player.

Polishing your boots with the drool of a colicky infant.

Kissing the worm before you start fishing…but no tongues.

Trimming the toenails of a cross-eyed hermit.

Blowing your nose in a silk handkerchief…provided it’s not yours.

Then again, better safe than sorry…damn, where did I leave that pickle jar?

1 comment:

neva said...

you had me at "Shaving a yak on the Sabbath".

wise woman, that great-grandmother of yours! : D