Sunday, September 10, 2006

For art's sake...

Back in 1982 or thereabouts, Sylvester Stallone donated a statue of himself as Rocky to the Philadelphia Museum. It resided there for a few months before being sent to some sports arena before it was finally put into storage.

It looked like Rocky was down for the count, but wait! Not so fast chief, it seems the Philadelphia art commission has voted to put it back!

My sources tell me that Stallone was so thrilled with the news that he’s decided to start the Stallone Foundation, which will offer financial help to artists creating the type of art that Sly cares deeply about, such as:

Paintings on velvet

Butter sculpture

Graffiti (so long as it’s not painted on anything owned by Mr. Stallone

Sad clown paintings

Works done with an Etch-a-sketch

Balloon animals (believed to be a personal favorite of Mr. Stallone)

Hey, if he’s into art made from pipe cleaners, dried macaroni and glitter I could have it made!


Dan said...

Macaroni art?

First there was Fusilli Jerry. Maybe Stallone would pay big bucks for Rotini Rocky.

That would rule.

The Drive-by Blogger said...

If I remember that episode correctly, didn't Fusilli Jerry wind up in an "interesting" place?

Perhaps the same place Stallone should have shoved the statue to begin with.

Dan said...

Indeed it did, Drive-By. If memory serves (and I'd actually prefer that memory didn't serve at this moment), I believe this resulted in Kramer visiting someone called ASSMAN (because of his license plate).

I could be wrong, though, since Seinfeld episodes seem to flow into each other. Like life.

Dan (wiping a tear ... something in my contact lens).