Tuesday, April 18, 2006

To meme or not to meme...

If you are a regular denizen of the blogosphere then you know that memes are all the rage now. Being the "with it" kind of blogger that I am, I couldn’t let this meme thing pass unnoticed. So, here are 12 things you didn’t know about me…The Drive-by Blogger…

1. When I was eight years old I was shocked to discover that contrary to what I thought, my friend was real and it was my family that was imaginary.

2. I believe that relish is Satan’s own condiment.

3. In high school I made the unfortunate decision to start sniffing glue. I was cured of this bad habit however, after having the wing of a small model airplane stuck to my nose for nearly a week.

4.I had to give up a promising career as a landscaper after being savagely attacked by a rabid gopher.

5. When it comes to shampooing, I always lather and rinse, but I never repeat. I guess it’s just the rebel in me.

6. I’m convinced that Shirley MacLaine owes me money from a previous life.

7.On my first and last hunting trip I bagged an eight point buck…and by bagged I mean wounded it just enough to make it really angry and chase me up a tree.

8. I almost worked at one of those Renaissance fairs, until I found out that the job of "codpiece inspector" had nothing to do with checking on the quality of the fish in "ye old mess hall".

9. One of my friends used to complain that he had actually invented the "Atkins" diet before anyone else. This turned out to be partly true…unfortunately, his version of the diet consisted of eating only people named Atkins.

1o. I may be married to a woman from a tiny island nation somewhere in the Pacific Ocean…either that or I co-signed a loan to cover her country’s national debt. Either way I should have hired a translator.

11. I was once in People Magazine’s 50 most beautiful people issue…not all of them… just the copy I bought and pasted my picture into.

12. Although I consider myself something of an amateur scientist and I have watched almost every documentary that was ever made about evolution, I still giggle whenever anyone on the screen says the words "Homo erectus".

Now...wasn’t that enlightening?


puppytoes said...

i know i'm impressed! "codpiece inspector" sounds like a lot more fun than a job i once considered--merkin "stylist".

great meme, tdb--not sure i know what it all memes, mind you, but still... you always manage to make me smile! : D

TJ09 said...

Uh, yeah. This isn't really related, BUT, you're joined on my Blog Topsites(http://topsites.technoized.com/blog/), but you never put your code up. So yeah.

The Drive-by Blogger said...

TJ09, It's at the bottom of the page.

joel said...

Thank you...I feel like I now know you so much better. By the way, good call on the shampooing. True story...way back when, concerned that their sales had plateaued and having not yet discovered all the variations on shampoo theme we now have, the marketing department (I think it was Proctor and Gamble) suggested that to increase sales they simply instruct people to wash their hair twice and thus use twice as much shampoo. They did...it worked...P.T. Barnum was proven right once again!

The Drive-by Blogger said...

And you just know that whoever came up with that idea got a big raise and a promotion. I mean, it's deviousness is surpassed only by it's simplicity.

I just wonder what these shampoo companies are going to do when all this irradiated food eventually causes a mutation in the gene pool and all of humanity goes bald.